I have high hopes for March. Soon, Spring will begin and with that comes a whole lot of happiness. The rain starts to slow down and the sun tends to shine. Spring cleaning has begun, I'm a firm believer that a tidy house is a tidy mind and whilst I love to capture and collect memories, I love to purge and clear the house of things we no longer use or need. (cue hours spent listing things on eBay)

The past few weeks I have completely gutted our bedroom, re-caulked the coving, sanded and re-glossed our skirting boards and painted the walls pure white. I wanted to start afresh as since we moved in we really focused on the rooms that we entertain in. We then made sure our little one's bedroom was as nice as we could make it resulting in our room looking a little tired and dated, and whilst we had painted it when we moved in, we didn't do any prep and so the walls and woodwork all looked a little worse for wear. I've fixed all that and now we are left with a totally fresh blank canvas. We have a lovely grey carpet and pure white walls that I am looking forward to filling with beautiful pictures and interior design ideas that I will of course be getting from Pinterest.

This month I'm also hoping to continue our healthy eating/lifestyle that we have been following well since the New Year. It's not a diet, we are just really trying to make healthier choices, for our health and for the sake of our daughter (blog post will be up tomorrow about this). Ultimately you learn from your parents and I hope that we can teach her to eat well; I totally believe that you have to practice what you preach. We've also both started to work out since January, and subsequently I have dropped a dress size, and lost a stone, and hubby has lost half a stone also. One things for sure, is that we were certainly over eating on a regular basis before, and if nothing else, we've really taught ourselves correct portion size and how to control what we are eating and the way it is cooked. 

In hope that the weather improves, I'm really looking forward to taking Indie out more. I am desperate to let her loose on the field and can't wait to see her exploring the local park. I'm looking forward to Mother's Day and seeing the edge of the field covering in Daffodils and for the air to get warmer.

I'm looking forward to family time and am totally focusing on pursuing happiness.

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