Since Indie has been born I've been through eight changing bags that I can count off the top of my head. Usually the zips or the strap break after a couple months of use. Not surprisingly I decided to go for a large handbag this time because I'm finding changing bags not really serving their purpose. I am currently using this 'Soft Slouch Tote' from F&F at Tesco. At £20 I think it's pretty good value for the rate we go through them.

Below is what I have in my bag on a daily basis. When we go out I just add Indie's bottle of milk, and fill her lunch box and water cup before we leave. 

- two nappies - warm hat - warm jumper - 
- wet wipes - all over bib - spare long sleeved vest -
- two nappy sacks - spare socks - spare trousers - 
- lunchbox - water cup - fork - dummy- alpen bar for snack - purse - keys - photo id -

What's in your changing bag?


  1. Our bag is no longer a changing bag really. Tends to be a little back pack with spare pants & trousers in, a few cars/trains & tissues. If we go out for a day out I take 2 spare pants, 2 spare trousers, onesie, pull up, wipes, juice bottle, little lunch box, toys & tissues.

    1. I wish I didn't have to lug around our huge bag but it just about fits everything in & it's all needed apart from the warmer clothes which are just a precaution really. I'm considering getting Indie a little back pack so she can attempt to carry her lunch, but it might just end in me carrying two bags lol xxx