We met when I was sixteen, got engaged at eighteen and married at twenty. I fell hard, and our relationship evolved fast. We knew we wanted to be together, we knew we wanted to get married, so we did.

husband and wife on our wedding day

We had our crazy party days together when we first met and we quickly became the couple that wanted to settle down. Drinking lost its appeal and so did the lifestyle. We moved in together when I was sixteen and it was the best decision we made. We were thrown headfirst into the reality of life, and they say that it either makes or break you, it made us. We had independence and freedom, and we had each other. We thrived and grew as individuals.

My husband and I have been together for six years now and I feel that our relationship is forever improving. Like any couple, we're not perfect but we are as perfect for each other as I feel possible.

In some ways we are exactly the same, and in others we are worlds apart and that's why it works. We can agree and disagree, but can also agree to disagree, something I think alot of people struggle with.

husband and wife on honeymoon beautiful sunset
on our honeymoon

Sometimes I don't tell my husband enough how much I love him, how much I appreciate him. He works 40 hours a week to provide for us, he keeps a roof over our heads and pays all the bills. He works so I can be a stay at home mum to Indie because he knows how important it is to me that I raise my child rather than somebody else doing so. Everything he does is for us as a family and I love him to bits for it.

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