On Wednesday I turnt my back for two seconds and Indie had pulled out my jewellery box and was sat on my bed opening the drawers. I let her play and explore and pull out the drawers. She pulled out a set of pearls that were her Great Grandmothers which were passed onto me. She immediately put them on herself and carried on exploring the jewellery box.

She wore them all afternoon and would not let me take them off. She played with them, ate her tea with them and even at bedtime when she was in her pyjamas she still wouldn't let me take them off her.

These pearls are a family heirloom. They were passed onto me by my Grandmother on my fathers side whom I never got to meet. One day they will be passed onto Indie. Jewellery is meant to be enjoyed and admired, and whether that means being worn with a beautiful dress or worn by a little girl who thinks they're the best thing since sliced bread, then I'm happy with that.

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