Today Indie turned 15 months which is absolutely crazy. She has developed quite alot in the past month, mainly with her speech and understanding.

This months she started to blow kisses when saying goodbye and is much more interested in waving to people. She is starting to enjoy playing independently alot more and has been obsessed with playing in her ballpool.

She has learn a few more words this month; paper, baba (I've never said baba but she tries to copy baby & says baba instead) catch, socks, jack, hello, fish, ouch, socks, uh oh, chips, watch, ouch, woof, meow, chick-chick chicken, bu-bye. She can now say upwards of 30 words and has started putting very small sentences together like 'What's that?' and 'What is this?'

Indie has become alot more cuddly this month, perhaps due to teething. This little monkey has cut her first molar this month on the upper left side. She has been brilliant at dealing with it and we've only really noticed that she's been teething the fact that she's been chewing everything, including her feet.

She is still loving bathtime and is still sleeping 6pm-6.45am everyday. I've noticed this month that her understanding of things is really developing and that she's starting to pick up on things really quick.

When I make my bed in the mornings she will go and get the throw because she knows it goes on next. She tries to put her socks and her shoes on and knows where they go and has started to tidy up toys when she has finished playing with them.

We have had good weather so we have been out in the garden for the best part of the month. Indie adores being outside and can now open both our back door and porch door and let herself out. It's been a nightmare trying to remember to lock them both. She loves to climb and has been enjoying playing in her little house in the garden and climbing up her slide steps and putting bark down it.

I've noticed such a change in Indie this month and she has become so much more independent and sure of herself, I really can't wait to see what the next month brings.

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