Last week we said goodbye highchair and hello little table and chair.

It has been a total hit and Indie has been loving sitting up to eat her breakfast, dinner and tea like a big girl.

It's been a bit of a godsend really because it means we can leave her water and snacks on it and she can help herself during the day, usually her water bottle ends up on the floor and her snacks are sneakily fed to the dog!

This is the start of a few changes that we're introducing slowly. First we planned to get rid of the highchair; she constantly wanted to stand up and had been climbing onto our chairs and sitting nicely. Secondly, in a few weeks time we plan on taking the sides off her cot again (with a bed guard this time) and converting it into a toddler bed. This is something we're trying to time right (at the moment it's a no-go because she's cutting 4+ teeth at once) but we're hoping to time it with hubby's week off work and are planning on putting a stairgate on her door incase she wakes up during the night so she can't wander around the house.

I'll keep you updated on how we get on.

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