Something I don't usually share on social media usually is my love for reptiles. I've had reptiles since I was about 7 years old, and after meeting my husband who has a passion for reptiles aswell, we've built up quite the collection. We have recently started a gecko rescue and half of our reptiles are from mistreated or unknowledgable homes and were unwanted.

Altogether we have thirteen reptiles; a Bosc Monitor, a Yemens chameleon, two Bearded Dragons a Uromastyx, two Tortoise' and six Leopard Geckos.

tortoises, hermannstortoise

Bonnie & Clyde, our two female Hermanns tortoise that I've had these since I was 7 years old.


Rango is our newest reptile, we rescued him recently because the owners didn't know how to look after him. Surprisingly he is pretty healthy considering he was living without the correct heating, lighting and diet. He is a Yemens Chameleon and loves to climb, everywhere.

yemens chameleon on my head

adult male bearded dragon

Biggie is an adult Bearded Dragon that we gave a home to when the owners no longer could house him after a marriage breakup. His name is no relation to The Notorious B.I.G, it just so happens to have been the name his previous owners chose due to his sheer size.

adult male bearded dragon

Tupac is our other male Bearded Dragon that had no name until we rescued Biggie. My husband thought it'd be hilarious to name him so that we look like complete melons when people ask their names. No I am not into 'Gangster Rap' my husband is just a tit lol. 

savannah monitor bosc monitor

This is Vlad our 13 month old Bosc (Savannah) Monitor Lizard who is native to Africa. He will get 4-5 feet long when fully grown and is definitely our biggest commitment when it comes to our reptiles. He needs regular daily interaction to keep him tame and friendly as they have immense power in their jaws and are capable of giving a nasty bite. We are currently in the process of converting our outside shed into a huge enclosure to accommodate him as he grows. And before I get any hateful comments about keeping him around my child, 1) It's none of your bloody business, and 2) A dog can inflict much more damage on a human, it's all to do with the temperament and effort you put into training and taming.


Eeyore is our adult Uromastyx. He is super grumpy and miserable (hence his name) and reminds us of a very weird tortoise without the shell. He likes to be very hot and his diet consists of various green plants, leaves and bird seed. Total oddball.

leopard gecko

We currently have six Leopard Geckos, one male and five females. Four of them are rescues, one has part of her tail missing and a few were underweight when they arrived. They are absolutely beautiful creatures but a total nightmare to try and get to stay still for a decent photo.

leopard gecko

leopard gecko

leopard gecko

Indie absolutely loves them!

leopard gecko and baby

One of my favourite things about having the reptiles is seeing Indie interact with them. She loves to feed them by hand and it's her routine to go and check each and every one every day.

Indie feeding Eeyore

Indie touching Biggie

Waiting for us to let Tupac out to play

Playing with Tupac

Smoothing her tortoise

Happy to see Tupac

She loves her reptiles

Seeing baby Vlad with Daddy

Kisses for the Leopard Gecko

I totally understand that reptiles are not everybodys cup of tea. I think they get quite a bad press from people thanks to owners who care for them incorrectly. Unfortunately alot of owners keep reptiles for the wrong reasons, for status and for show. Most reptiles have the ability to be tame and friendly with time and care. We have never ever been bit by any of our reptiles and I trust them as much as I do our sausage dog not to harm me, or anyone else. We put time and effort and alot of love and care into our reptiles and we get alot back from them. 

We keep all of our reptiles in suitable housing with the correct heating, lighting and diet and they require. We are lucky enough to be able to dedicate a whole room to them, with ever expanding outhouse storage aswell. Alot of people underestimate the time and care that it takes to keep a reptile, it's bloody time consuming, quite expensive and hard work, but we love it!

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  1. I admit I don't like reptiles as I am scared! But you have so many beautiful ones, this was a great post to read and Indie looks so happy having a play and seeing all the reptiles. It is so sweet - some lovely photos :)

    thanks for joining in #mummymonday :) love Gemma - host xo