As you may know I've had my blog since early 2013 but have only in the past year been posting regularly. Yesterday I was amazed to find in my inbox, an email from Next telling me that I had been chosen as 'Next Blogger of the Month' March 2015.

This is a huge compliment to me, and I am very happy that they have noticed and enjoy my posts. In all honesty my clothing & fashion posts are few and far between and although I regularly post Weekend Baby Style posts, I rarely accredit where Indie's outfit's are from unless it's one I love enough to mention. At least it goes to show that sometimes it definitely is quality over quantity. I'm not a well known blogger, I have few followers, but at least the few I have seem to be enjoying my content.

I have answered a few questions for Next and my answers are now featured on the Next Bloggers Network.

Next are renowned for their beautiful quality kids clothes, gorgeous furniture and home furnishings so I am really chuffed that they found my blogging worthy of their award this month.

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