This week I've really been feeling the aches and pains that come with growing a tiny human. I've been eating pretty well now that the nausea has disappeared but am craving Hot Sauce on everything still! Luckily, after doing my research to make sure the amount I was consuming was 'safe' I found quite a few articles where medical professionals encourage the consumption of hot and spicy foods during pregnancy as it has many health benefits, win win!

I've got a consultant appointment booked for the 3rd December where I will be able to discuss my birthing options. I am going into that appointment open minded and I am not fussed whether I have to Caesarean section or not, ultimately whatever will bring my baby into this word safely is fine with me.

I've been feeling lots of kicks and movements lately but can definitely tell that I have an Anterior Placenta again. Alot of the kicks towards the upper front of my belly feel quite dull if that makes sense, whereas the kicks to the sides and below are much stronger.

We have two more things left to buy for baby Harry and then we are done! I want to buy the multipack box of Water Wipes that they sell in Boots (for the newborn days) and we plan on ordering our pram this week too, I'm so excited for this part. We're going to leave the Buggy Board until Harry arrives and see how we get on with Indie walking. At the moment we haven't used Indie's pram in over 2 months as she's been asking to walk everywhere so we're quite confident that she will be fine and want to walk most places. We go out on regular day trips and the car is always close enough by just incase she needs to nap.

I'll end with my 22 week bump photo.



  1. Wow, hot and spicy food, who knew?! I won't tell my husband, he'll see it as an excuse to have curry every night! x

  2. Its funny you should say that, I'm really craving spicy foods too! I wonder if this means I'm having a boy too!? ;) Where did you get your buggy board from? I'm thinking of getting one x #maternitymondays

    Abbie | www.lilymaeadventures.com

  3. I never craved anything like this with my daughter so it could be an inclination on gender;)
    We haven't got our buggy board yet because we are not 100% as to whether Indie would use it or not. She loves to walk everywhere at the moment and we're going to wait 'til little man arrives to buy it because they're pretty expensive for what they are. I think we will just try to encourage walking and then get it if it becomes apparent that her legs are getting tired. #maternitymondays xxx

  4. oooo how exciting and what a lovely, lovely video. I got a pang of broodiness when I saw this. What pram did you go for in the end? Lovely to see you again #MaternityMondays