If you haven't already seen, on Saturday we found out we are expecting baby number two! I wrote about it in this blogpost.  I am currently 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Something I would love to stick to during this pregnancy is regular updates so I have something to look back on. It's something I wish I had done with Indie so I could remember how I felt at each stage.

 I'm really tired and have been napping loads over the past two weeks, though I thought that was Indie's early morning wake ups! I also have been getting headaches quite often which is no doubt down to the hormone changes. I have lost my appetite at the moment and don't really feel like eating so I've just been eating smaller portions to stop myself from feeling sick. I'm definitely avoiding sweeter foods though.

Oddly enough a couple weeks ago I had a metallic taste in my mouth which I'm aware is a symptom, though I didn't think anything of it at the time and thankfully it has disappeared now. I have had nausea in the mornings but nowhere near as bad as I did with Indie, not yet anyway! I've been getting achey pains in my stomach for the past few weeks too and I can feel my ligaments are stretching a little to make way for baby.

I feel very bloated at the moment and my belly is larger than normal, I know this is all bloat and no baby yet but I am definitely looking forward to getting a bump and sharing bump photos but for now, here is a picture of my bloated belly at 5 weeks pregnant.

I have also booked my first midwife appointment for the 29th of July and am really looking forward to it.

What symptoms did you have very early on in pregnancy?

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