This past week my symptoms have been the same as last week really. Not many changes apart from my food aversions are settling down and I'm really fancying sour/acidic food, especially gherkins, vinegar and  mustard. I'm still not overly keen on sweet food and am definitely preferring savoury at the moment (although I did have one evening where I sat and ate a whole bowl of strawberries and a bar of melted Galaxy, oops).

There may have also been one night last week at 10pm where I accidentally mentioned to hubby that I wanted gherkins so he ended up driving to Macdonalds for me, and brought back a few of my favourites... and went via KFC on the way home for a Mini Fillet. Best husband ever?

Regardless of my two little treat meals this week, I haven't felt at all bloated and I still weigh 8 stone 9 (57kg). I feel my lower belly has got a little bit bigger and it is slightly more noticeable in pictures.

Again, I'll compare it to the previous week so you can see the changes a little clearer.

On Wednesday I had my first midwife appointment where she confirmed my dates were correct and that I am due 18th March 2016. She wrote down that my preference is to have a VBAC and told me that I will be under Consultant Led Care which is standard procedure for mums who had previous C-Section births. I got the standard paperwork and the 500 leaflets for the bin and she was very happy with all of my levels.

I'm just waiting now to receive my scan date in the post. I'm really looking forward to that!


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  1. Definitely a very good husband there and that shot made me hungry lol! Definitely tiny bump starting there! :) Thanks for linking with #MaternityMondays xx