You may have noticed that I haven’t posted in a few days. That is because whilst a Virgin technician was in our street fixing someones broadband, they disconnected ours by accident! To say I was lost without internet access would be a bit of an understatement. In less than a day I used up all of my mobile data on my phone and started on hubbys. It’s crazy how much I rely on the internet on a day to day basis; not just for Instagram and Facebook (my total guilty pleasures) but also for pretty important things like checking my bank, paying bills and sending pictures of Indie to my Dad (something I do pretty much on a daily basis and I hated not being able to share little happy moments instantly).

Anyway with internet back now I thought I would share a little update of what’s been going on lately.  Last week was pretty exciting, we bought our first car! It’s a 2004 plate Silver Astra 1.7 Turbo Diesel which hubby has lusted after for a while. It’s also really cheap for us to insure which is a huge bonus.

Our week was a little manic because we had to take one of our newly rescued Leopard Geckos to the vets. Luckily the vet was very kind on our first visit and only charged us for the medication; she gave her time for free. Unfortunately on our return visit she decided it was best for the Gecko to be put to sleep and so we said goodbye to our little rescued gecko.

On Saturday we went out for a lovely family meal with my Dad and his partner as an early birthday treat for me (I turn twenty-two tomorrow). We had a huge mixed grill which is my absolute favourite and it was a really lovely afternoon. I really appreciate time spent with good food and good people. Before we came home we took Indie into the little park nearby and she went down a huge slide, she loved it. She has been down a few small slides and been a little scared but this one she loved and was not impressed when we left.

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