This weeks has been pretty much the same as all the rest. Really bad nausea accompanied by pretty strong food aversions, although I am finding crisps and ice-poles of all things are helping a little. I've been really achey and my backs been a bit sore lately too, but then I'm probably not resting as much as I should be right now with a lunatic toddler.

Here is my bump for 10 weeks, it's crazy to think that I am a quarter of the way through this pregnancy already!

The babys room is now empty and hubby has started on the room prep and paintwork. I'm one of those who needs to be a bit over-prepared. I'm planning on doing a before and after, or a before, during and after post on my blog soon because I think the changes we're making to room are a huge improvement.

Only 18 days until our scan. I'm so excited for it.


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