This week I finally got my ultrasound appointment through the post! It's in a few weeks on the 9th September and we can't wait. We're going to take Indie with us so that should be eventful!

My nausea has been through the roof. I feel sick when I wake up, and when I go to sleep. I've only been wanting to eat very specific food and usually when I eat the nausea settles for about an hour and then comes back again. I know it's a sign of a strong baby so at least that is a positive I suppose.

I've literally spent the best part of the week laid on the sofa feeling sorry for myself, only getting up to change Indie's nappy, play or give her dinner and snacks. Surprisingly she's been great. She isn't usually one to play on her own for very long but the past week she has been playing independently and coming up on the sofa for plenty of snuggles.

Hubby has been great again this week. He's catered to my every need, literally catered, because all I want is food! I've mainly wanted tagliatelle carbonara pasta and pizza as large meals but one of the days I specifically wanted warm chocolate cake with decent ice cream. Hubby delivered! He bought  a large (serves 16!) chocolate party cake and two litre tubs of ice cream. 

My belly is definitely getting bigger. I'm finding my jeans very uncomfortable now so have switched to leggings and am very much looking forward to it being an acceptable time to wear maternity clothes. 

I'm really looking forward to our scan in a few weeks time now. The room that will eventually be babies is slowly being emptied and the walls are prepped ready for painting. 

I'm hoping my nausea settles down soon and I can start feeling a bit more normal.

Any tips on relieving nausea other than ginger biscuits?


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