The past week has been another full of horrendous nausea. It's really not letting off but I'm finding it a little easier to cope since hubby has two weeks off so he's lightening the load a little with Indie. She has been a little diamond.

I've had pretty bad aversions from food and at the moment I'm swaying more towards plain foods or very little and often.

Jeans are now a no-go and I am living in leggings (or undone jeans held together with a hair-tie, so classy). My belly is growing and I just want to be comfy.

I think its crazy how fast my belly is growing now compared to when I was pregnant with Indie. I know they say you tend to get bigger quicker with your second but, really?

Below shows me at 6 weeks on the left, and 9 weeks on the right.

Only a few weeks 'til the scan now, really can't wait.


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