The past two weeks hubby has been home from work on his summer shutdown. It has been lovely and Indie has really enjoyed it. She's been so happy to see him every morning and be able to eat breakfast as a family rather than him having to run out of the door to work.

I always feel so lucky when I see Indie and Kieran together; they really do adore each other. It's been so funny this past week as Indie has been really finding her feet and testing her boundaries, fortunately for me it seems to just be with Kieran so I've just watched them have their littler arguments, they're so alike.

One thing I have realised over the past two weeks is that whilst it has been lovely having hubby home, we really appreciate the structure of a working week, and the time apart. We've really been getting under each others feet and are actually looking forward to our normal routine getting back on track.

That aside, we have had a lovely two weeks. We've been to petting zoos, swimming and on more evening walks than Indie's little legs can handle and we've loved every minute.

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