This week we took Indie swimming for the first time. She absolutely loved it! We had waited so long because hubby really wanted to go with us and up until recently we hadn't had transport. Hubby finally has two weeks off work so we decided to go early one weekday morning when there was less people around.

She was a little nervous at first. I think the whole atmosphere and noise is a little unfamiliar for her so she was a little weary but soon got in and was happy splashing around. She loved going into the deeper water holding onto me or Kieran and when we passed her to and fro she kicked her legs and splashed her arms about, so she's definitely willing to learn.

Photography isn't allowed at the poolside so hubby snapped a quick photo of us in the dodgy light of the changing rooms. It turnt out to be a lovely morning and we can't wait to take her again soon.

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