Last week whilst in town trying to get some maternity jeans for myself I couldn't resist a quick trip into Primark to pick up some bits for Indie. I thought I'd share them because I think they're so sweet and were really well priced I thought.

The first thing was this lovely fine knit jumper with star sequin detail and frilly bottom. It was only £6 and is lovely and light so will be perfect for the cooler evenings. I also picked up this cute bunny striped jumper for just £5. I always find that Primark clothes don't get on very well in my tumble dryer but have found if I air (or line) dry, they last for ages and don't shrink or lose their shape.

Lastly I picked up a few basics. The navy marle tee was just £1.30 and is super soft, perfect for the warmer evenings or for underneath jumpers on the cooler days. I also picked her up a two pack of leggings in berry colours which I thought would be great for the Autumn and cooler evenings.

Have you picked up any toddler bits from Primark lately?

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  1. Love those bits, Amelia had a v similar bunny sweatshirt last year so I love this years version. I don't go to primark often enough! x