I'm someone who heavily relies on my smartphone for most tasks in my daily life. I love to find new ways of making my smartphone do more for me so when I heard about the Beets BLU Scale I was pretty intrigued at the opportunity to connect my iPhone and store data such as my weight, BMI, body fat percentage, water and muscle levels from my scales.

After using the scales for a good few weeks now I am very impressed with its functions, overall looks and usability. Before using, I read all of the instructions and easily connected the scale to my iPhone (via the app) and was able to take my weight and measurements and store them for future use almost immediately. It really is convenient to be able to use them as an everyday scale, but also have the option to track weight and measurements to assist with maintaining a healthy lifestyle or to help with weight loss.

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The second time I weighed in, my reading was correct on the scales but was transferring to my iPhone as 2lb heavier than I was which I think was just an app error. After deleting and re-downloading the app the problem was resolved.

Now I am pregnant I am interested in keeping track of my weight gain and want to try and keep it a little more slow and steady this time. With Indie my weight soared and I gained over 2 stone so I have been using these scales to track my weight gain and record it all in my phone to look back on at a later date.

I really like the fact that it can have multiple users too, meaning it’s great for all the family even though the more in depth side of using the scales such as for BMI recording etc might be a preference to just one family member. It's definitely something that would have came in handy to track my BMI when I lost 2 stone a few months ago!

Previously I had never owned a smart scale, nor anything that looked so well designed and sleek (my old scales were literally white metal with a cork footplate and had seen better days). I love that these are black glass, I think they look really smart and modern and have a real minimalistic design. I love the fact that there are no buttons or switches that are visible on the top aswell.

 I must point out that it needs to be used on hard level flooring (luckily for us we have tile) as it doesn’t give accurate measurements when used on soft flooring such as carpet or lino. It does state this in the description though but it would be a bit of a pain if you didn't have any hard level flooring in your house.

Overall I would definitely recommend this scale to anyone who wishes to record their weight measurements and is looking for a reliable scale; from total tech novices to the technology savvy, I think this would be a benefit to have in most households. Hubby now calls these 'the posh scales', needless to say our old school rusty non digital scales are now in the bin!

* I was sent this product for purposes of review. I was not paid for this post and all opinions are my own.

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