To my beautiful daughter, today you turn two and I am so proud of what a darling little girl you've become. 

From the moment you were born I felt an overwhelming need to love and protect you. Your little face made the sleepless nights worthwhile and from the start I wanted nothing more than to give you the best I could possibly give.

Last year you were just beginning to walk and learning to copy words, this year your knowledge grows each day and we can have a proper conversation. My favourite thing to hear you say is 'Mummy, I'm happy' and hearing you say 'Daddy I love you' makes my heart melt. 

 I thank you for everything you are, I've tried to teach you how to be a happy and content little human but the truth is that you've taught me more about life than I could ever know. As long as you are happy and feel safe, my days are worthwhile. 

You are the most amazing little girl I have ever met. You are beautiful both inside and out and I cannot wait to see what you chose to do with life.

My little angel, happy birthday x

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