I used to love writing about our weekend so I thought I would start again. My blog always was a bit of a diary so it seems fitting.

Saturday was quite a busy day for us. Firstly we popped to the Reptile Shop- our second home apparently, and then we went to B&M for a few treats. I mainly bought a candle, some mugs and a couple of bits for the kids. We also visited some family and then before going home we went to B&Q (yawn) to get some bits for some DIY that hubby's doing reptile related- nothing pretty or overly interesting haha. We put both of the littles in the trolley together for the first time and they loved it. I got a few cute photos because they were being so sweet!

After a long day on Saturday I welcomed the idea of a quiet day at home on Sunday. We woke to a chilly house so I was quite happy to have an excuse to have a hot drink in my new mug & light my new candle. It smells amazing! P.s. I am aware it's a 'travel mug' but I like the idea of having a lid on my drink incase I knock it over near the kids.

My little girl is getting so big!

Harry has decided to pull himself on things already. He's not even 7 months old and it's giving me heart failure!

This weekend also marked the start of hubby & I starting Slimming World. We're not going to a group or anything but we're following it using what we've learnt online and using each other for moral support. Of course he made it a competition too, whoever loses the most at the end of each week gets extra spare money for a treat haha! We're mainly doing it to get our eating back on track. Since having Harry we've become a bit slack with our fruit and veg intake and so thought it would give us a bit of a kick start. So far so good. We're enjoying the meals and snacks and neither one of us has felt hungry or missed anything yet.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Loved this post Cara, I'm so nosey so it's nice to see what everyone's up to. I am such a B&M lover, especially when you haven't been in a few months I could get lost in their.

    Cannot believe how adorable they are in the trolley!!!!

    Love Emily - Http://babiesandbeauty.com