It's been a while since I've posted so I didn't actually do an update for Harry at 9 months. The past couple months have been filled with poorly kids, a teething Harry and an exhasted mummy hence the blog silence. 

Anyway, I feel that Harry has come on in leaps and bounds, quite literally. At the begining of January at 9 months old Harry learnt to walk! He started with a few steps here and there and within a week he was walking everywhere he went. It amazes me how much these clever little humans can learn in such a short space of time. 

He really is growing so fast. He's quite big for his age and always has been but it does seem like his growth is starting to slow down a bit now thankfully. We went and had his feet measured last week and he is a size 5. We were told to come back in a few weeks for shoes as his feet are still quite chunky and they said within a few more weeks of walking they should flatten out a little. I can't wait to get his first shoes.

In terms of eating Harry is well and truly not fussy. He will eat anything but his favourite snacks are blueberries and small oranges. He also has a bit of a thing for Pork & Apple Casserole, he usually polishes off two portions. 

He has mastered sleeping now thankfully and after 8 months of sleepless nights he is a pro. He goes to bed every night at 6pm and sleeps until 6-7am. He tends to have a short nap at 8am and another after his lunch which usually lasts around an hour. Sometimes he will also have a nap late afternoon depending on the length of his first two naps.

He has recently started playing peekaboo behind objects and is very clever at demanding attention. If he realises mummy is busy and not looking at him he will let it be known that he wants some attention. He likes to sneak into the cupboard and stack tins of baked beans on top of one another and since he's teething really badly at the moment I've been letting him do it. He is a cheeky little monkey. 

At the end of next month my little man turns 1 and I have no idea where the time has gone!

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