It's been a while since I last shared what I've bought so I thought I'd share a few bits I received this morning from a late night Next order. Since their new collection arrived I'd held off placing an order but Indie needed a few new bits and I loved the look of some pieces so bit the bullet before it all went out of stock.

First up is my favourite item. It's not the usual colour I go for for Indie but the ruffles had me sold. Indie loves anything floaty or floral (she thinks it's princess-like) and I wish they sold it in my size. 

Next I picked up a three pack of leggings. I tried to keep everything within the same colour scheme (green & navy) and I thought these would be useful to make more outfits out of the pieces I bought.

I ended up picking this gorgeous Broderie Blouse in two different colours because I loved it so much.

 It's so pretty and dainty but I think paired with a little cardigan and leggings it'll also make a really comfy outfit. With this in mind I picked up this Navy cardigan and plan on pairing it with a pair of the leggings from the 3 pack I've previously mentioned.

I needed to pick up a new jumper for Indie as all of hers were Christmas themed. She has a dress and t-shirt already in this gorgeous floral print and she says its her favourite because of the flowers so when I saw this jumper I had to get it for her.

Aswell as the items already shown I also picked up a Khaki Tunic Dress and a few other basics that I hope to mix and match to make a good few outfits. As I said before I tried to stay to a bit of a colour theme so the items can all be worn together. 

Have you picked up anything nice lately?

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