There are no uses to fancy bedding; that beautiful set you bought is beautiful but a pain in the arse to wash twice a day when they get covered in spit up and poop! Plain bedding and blankets are all that are needed.

All those beautiful delicate dresses and outfits you bought will be the last thing you reach for when you have a screaming baby who wants some clothes on. Infact, even when you have time to pick out a perfect outfit, you’ll probably go for the one you don’t mind ruining! Stick to babygrows and cardigans in the first few weeks.

Those teeny tiny Converse are cute, but you will always return home with a single sock or shoe, never a pair.

Trust your instinct and don’t be afraid to go against the grain.

It’s never too early to start a routine; if nothing else it’s good for you and eventually baby will settle into it too.

Investing in a co-sleeper might help with the 156 times you  feel the need to get up to check baby is still ok in the moses basket.

Take advice from others but remember that every baby is different and mum always knows best.

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