It's no secret that I take alot of photos. I have coming up to 900 photos of Indie on my laptop, all of which are backed up on an external hard drive and again all over my social media just incase.

I have always loved taking photos and I am not one of those people who just keep them all on the laptop and do nothing with them. When Indie was first born I printed out the 200+ photos from her first 2 days of life. I quickly realised that this was going to become a bit of a problem. Not one for sacrificing the amount of photos I take, I took to finding a space saving solution for keeping a hardcopy of my photographs. 

I decided to print them into a photobook, something I had done once before for holiday photos. I generally tend to use Photobox but to be honest I haven't looked around to compare prices, it was just the first one I found at the time. I get the 'Square Spiral' which is anywhere between £12.99- £29.99 depending on the amount of pages you want.

 I fit a few photos onto each page and tend to print one book every few months. They are perfect size for storing and nice and flat. I tie a ribbon around the top edge and family love to look through them when they visit.

Of course I still put my favourites in frames, but it's a great way to get hard copies of each photo, especially in a day and age where people rely on technology for storing their precious memories. I mean, if technology wiped itself, how much would you lose?

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