One of my favourite things is family time. Hubby works full time so when he gets home every week day we all have tea together, have an hours playtime and then it's Indie's bath and bedtime. Because of this we really cherish our weekends together as a family and really make the most of them.

Every moment Kieran gets when he is home he is with her, they are always together. When Kieran goes into a different room, Indie follows and when Indie goes into her bedroom and starts to play with her dolls house, Kieran is not far behind. They are inseparable.

This weekend we ran a few errands, we had opticians and stocked up on food for our animals and then spent the weekend at home together.

I've been getting back into cooking from scratch again lately. I made Peppered Steak Pasties for Kieran and I, and Indie a plain steak version.

Judging by the fact that Kieran and Indie both cleared their plates, I think they were a hit!

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