I want to talk about something that really gets on my nerves. The whole ‘no photographs at Sports Days or swimming lessons thing’. I mean, why do all parents have to suffer and miss out on capturing precious moments to cherish, just because certain members of the human race are disgusting animals?

After doing a bit of research I've found that there is no law against taking photographs of other people's children provided you do not harass or harm them, which really begs the question as to why these bizarre rules are now common practice in schools and public places, and why people are so willing to comply. Five years ago, nobody thought twice about photographing children on the school field, yet now every click of the camera is overhung with a cloud of possible ill intent.

I totally understand that it is intended to ‘safeguard’ children and I’m all for protecting them, but if in the criminal justice system people are innocent until proven guilty, surely parents should be treated the same? They are assuming that one of the parents is likely to have bad intentions and as a result put a total ban on it completely. It is political correctness gone mad!

Let’s face it, and I’m going to be blunt, if there is a paedophile at a school Sports Day, I think them taking a photograph is the least of our worries. The fact that an animal like that is around children would be my main concern.

 In terms of safeguarding vulnerable children (who might have been adopted and identities need to be protected due to a history of domestic abuse for example), I've seen a few schools now have an 'opt out' method where parents can opt out of their childs photograph being taken which is a much fairer way of doing it. This way parents of other children can still take photos of their own children, whilst maintaining the safety of a vulnerable or at risk child within the school.

It infuriates me that if my husband was to try and take a photo of my daughter attending her first sports day in the future, chances are he would be asked not to, ‘you know, just incase he’s a paedophile’. It’s unfair on most parents who innocently want to document their child’s milestones.

The reason for this post is because recently my daughter Indie was in the bath splashing about and giggling with glee. I picked up my phone to take a couple photos to show Indies grandparents, then I suddenly stopped and had to question myself as to whether I was even allowed to with the bizarre attitude society has towards it nowadays. Why is it that this beautiful moment has to be tainted by merely being associated with that?

I’m pretty sure that the majority of our population are not convicted paedophiles, so why is it that we have now become a generation that accepts being told we are not allowed to photograph our own children in public, ‘just incase’?

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