seeing my husband walk through the door after a long day at work
having a clean and tidy home
watching Indie sleeping
waking up to the sound of rain
freshly baked cupcakes
knowing all the bills are paid
reading a good book
impromptu day trips
mocha frappachinos from starbucks
the run up to christmas day and all the festivities that surround it
capturing a happy moment in a photo, that portrays that moment perfectly
seeing Indie playing happily
having a lie in
good post days
watching a romantic comedy that has a fairy-tale ending
re-decorating a room
writing a blog post
giving gifts and presents
weekends with my husband and daughter
reading celebrity gossip news
ice cold san pellegrino
looking at beautiful home interiors on instagram
filling out birthdays and appointments on a new calendar
putting washing out on the line to dry
hearing Indie giggle at her daddy's tickly beard cuddles
eating good food
enjoying the garden in the summer
wearing new clothes for the first time
the feeling I get when Kieran compliments me
seeing a happy baby
tucking into a takeaway
watching Pink roll around in happiness on the bedroom floor
sitting in bed with hubby eating some chocolate and watching something good on the tele
looking back on old photos
getting into bed with fresh sheets
setting up a new phone
the smell of cookies baking
how ecstatic Indie gets when she's playing in the bath
marmite on toast, marmite crisps, marmite anything
seeing an elderly person smile
the smell of fresh laundry
finding a tv series on netflix that I fall in love with
ticking things off my to-do list
yankee candle christmas cookie
having an empty recycle bin on my laptop
the clean feeling after a long shower
waking up feeling refreshed and happy
day trips with the in-laws
knowing that i am currently one of two people that Indie loves more than anything in the world
knowing that of all of the people in the world, Kieran chose me to be his wife



  1. Yay, I adore reading this list.

    Lots of things on there I love too. Oh and Christmas Cookie yankee candle is my fave!

    You can keep the marmite though, ugh! ;)

    Thanks for joining our #HappyDaysLinky

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. I love Yankee Candles too, I like the cherries on snow one :-) Thank you for joining in with #HappyDaysLinky x