This week has been a good week. We've all just got over pretty bad colds and coughs so I feel like I've regained alot of energy now that we are all better.

I also had my 16 week midwife appointment this week. I was in and out in less than 5 minutes (and 2 of those minutes were spent walking up the stairs to get to the room). It was very rushed and she pretty much just signed my notes and said we were done. Luckily I've got my 20 week scan in 3 weeks time and a consultant appointment afterwards so I can voice any concerns then (mainly to find out whether I should start taking low dose aspirin or not, and to ask a few more questions about my intended VBAC).

16 weeks 3 days...

Bump has 'popped' this week. Whilst it's been pretty noticeable for a few weeks now, it suddenly bloomed and is really protruding when I lay down now. It makes me so happy to think that little man is growing nicely. 17 weeks today!

I've bought some adorable bodysuits this week from La Redoute. If you plan on getting something from this site then search for codes because I managed to find a 50% off code online. When I say I don't really like baby blue clothing, what I really mean is that I simply love these colours and want his whole wardrobe to consist of cute pieces like this...

Oddly enough this is also pretty much exactly the colour scheme and theme we are going for for little mans nursery too. So far we've got the bits and bobs that I feautured in last weeks post, a new aztec/tribal rug from H&M and curtains are finally up. It's still storing alot of the stuff that'll be around the house when baby arrives but it's coming along nicely. We've picked out the print we want for the wall and they should be up in the next few weeks ago which I'm pretty excited about.

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