I am now 4 months pregnant and the weeks seem to be flying by. I haven't really had any symptoms this week apart from an ever expanding belly and a craving for all the food.

Over the past few days I've felt a few movements. No kicks just yet but just some wiggling and movement that has made me so excited for the kicks to begin. 

This week we also got baby's first clothes. I'm not keen on the fact that most clothes for a boy are either baby blue or jeans and shirts. I like to see a baby dressed like a baby and comfort is always my priority when buying baby clothes.

Three brand new eBay bargains...

And the most gorgeous little babygrow I ever did see...

We have most of the bits we need for baby now and just have a short list left to buy. We still need a changing mat, and box of Water Wipes for the newborn days and some 3-6 months clothing but apart from that, and the pram we are all set. 

We plan on getting the pram the month before baby boy is due. Indie walks alot as it is and we're pretty confident that by the time baby arrives she will be happy walking 99% of the time, but we go out on quite alot of day trips and we like to know that if her legs get tired or if she needs a nap then she is comfortable. For this reason we have decided to get a double pram but are waiting until just before baby is born so we can make a decision then. We went to look at a few this week and decided against a Tandem or the iCandy type prams. We found all the tandems that weren't ridiculously huge had a very small front seat for Indie which kind of defeated the purpose of why we intend to get a double pram in the first place. I didn't like the way the iCandy's put one child behind and a bit lower than the other, I like the idea that with a twin pram they can both see the world and Indie will feel just as important.

We're quite set on the Cosatto Twin pram because of how highly rated they are but whilst we love minimalistic and plain usually, the Cosatto all come in pretty bold patterns and colours but I suppose it'll be fun for the kids, right? We've maybe narrowed it down to these two, left or right, what do you think? I was swaying more towards the left one but buying plain pram liners and footmuffs to make it less 'migraine inducing'. Mainly because I think I'd like the option of being able to chop and choose which side baby/Indie go in which would be a little more difficult with the Bro Sis pram.

We've also finished most of baby's room now. We have carpet, curtains and furniture and the only thing that's missing is the finishing touches to the décor. We plan on going for a bit of a tribal/bohemian feel with the décor as the walls and furniture is white with grey curtains and carpet and we want to soften the room up a little bit. I'm pinning like crazy on Pinterest, I made this board named 'Little man's Nursery' that shows what kind of theme we're aiming towards.

I'll finish this pretty long post with just a few of the bits we've already bought for little man's nursery.

Thank you for reading 


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  1. aww it all looks lovely. If I were going for a twin, I'd get the Uppababy vista but they are so expensive. The cosatto at least has bright colours. Thanks for linking up #MaternityMondays