I know I said the next maternity outfit photos would be better quality but I just haven't charged our DSLR battery so for now they're iPhone front camera quality I'm afraid. 

I recently bought this top from 'mamma&mini' who sells on Etsy and Instagram. I am in love! I mainly bought it because it's a nursing top. As you can see it has a little panel meaning easy access for breastfeeding so I thought it was worth the investment. It's also very loose and baggy so I plan on wearing it throughout my pregnancy.

I am a little obsessed with stripes on baby bump!

My necklace is an oldie from Primark and I'm wearing H&M Maternity Leggings which fit like a glove.

Excuse the awkward pose, but this is the only photo that clearly showed the little breastfeeding friendly front detail.

Thanks for reading. I do plan on taking some outfit photos which are better quality (and full length).

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