This week I had my consultant appointment as the hospital to discuss my birthing options. They have told me that the best option would be to have a Caesarean Section due to the risk of my placenta being attached to my previous Caesarean scar. Whilst the most recent scan showed that my placenta was Anterior High, they are concerned that the scan the week before showed that it was very low and across the scar and cannot be certain that if I attempted a natural delivery that I wouldn't have a serious bleed. They said usually they would offer a few more scans nearer delivery to determine placenta position but because I have a history of high blood pressure and only have one kidney, they have insisted that ultimately a Caesarean Section is the safest method of delivery. Whilst I'm a little gutted that I won't experience a natural birth I am confident in the fact that I will be doing what is deemed safest for our baby.

Consent form signed and done!

One thing that I know for definite now is that our baby will be born at 39 weeks! They have said that the Caesarean Section will take place a week before due date. It's a little bit odd that I will know my babys birth date a few weeks before I have him but I suppose in a way at least I can be fully prepared now. With my emergency caesarean I lost all control and felt totally panicked and out of my depth, this time round I don't have any fears or worries and the biggest thing I am not looking forward to is leaving Indie for a couple days. That being said they have said that providing everything goes smoothly baby and I will be discharged within 24-48 hours which would be nice.

This week the movements have picked up alot, they're more frequent and alot bigger, I can tell that he is growing! I've got to book my 26-28 week midwife appointment in the next few days which will be the first time my belly itself gets measured. I'm curious to see what they say because I feel huge, particularly on days where I feel alot of big kicks and movements but looking by photos I am about the same size as I was with Indie. My consultant said that I don't need to go back for any more appointments with her or any more growth scans because she is more than happy with baby's measurements from my 20 week scan. She did request that my midwife checks my blood pressure every two weeks from 28 weeks though as when I was a child I did used to suffer with high blood pressure, it's just a precaution and will at least mean that I'm regularly monitored which is nice for peace of mind.

The consultant said I will be contacted at around 38 weeks with the date for my pre-op assessment and my C-Section.

Kisses for bump at 23 weeks 6 days.

Since we've finished buying everything we need for little mans arrival now, this week I decided to look around to buy a few outfits for the hospital. We have plenty of babygrows, vest and cardigans but I wanted to get a couple of neutral sets of little plain leggings/trousers and cotton tops with light cardigans for the first day or so in hospital. I found it really hard to find clothes that were not brightly coloured or full of patterns and logos. I found a few lovely outfits that were sold out in newborn size which was annoying, but luckily I managed to find a few bits which I loved elsewhere. The first pair of dark grey bottoms below are part of a two pack from Next which I love because they are a super soft cotton and the waistband isn't tight at all. I also found the little Navy Leggings in Next too which are lovely and soft and I plan on pairing them with a little white vest and cardigan. I then chose a few bits from H&M; firstly the beige cardigan on the left and secondly a grey wool-blend top. I also got a few other plain long sleeve tops to mix and match and I'm now just after a hat that matches the colours that I like; dark greys, beiges and neutrals. I've got loads of baby clothes already but want to make the first couple outfits special as I kept Indie's, and plan on keeping these too.

I'll end with the weekly bump photo for 24 weeks, he's definitely hiding in these photos.


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  1. aww you're plumping up lovely. I love your outfit choices very cure and a 24-48 hour discharge sounds like heaven. How excitimg eeeeeeekkkk #MaternityMondays