This week I've started to feel the full force of pregnancy. It's really no surprise with the rate that bump is growing but it's starting to become really uncomfortable to sit down without there being alot of pressure against my ribs/lungs meaning it's a struggle to breathe comfortably. I've also been getting pretty bad backache too which is being helped with a bit of Pregnancy Yoga but I'm also really trying to improve my posture because I know it helps. Another symptom that has popped up over the past 2-3 weeks is heartburn. I suffered really bad with Indie and I'm not sure if there is any truth behind the old wives tales in reality. but Indie was born with an impressive amount of hair so you never know. I'm so curious to know what baby is going to look like and whether he will be born with hair or not.

This week has been a little chaotic to say the least. Indie has been really poorly all week with a temperature and a viral cough and for 3 nights straight we were up every hour consoling her. The temperature was easy to control with Calpol but her cough was so dry that she was crying in pain every time she coughed, it's been heartbreaking. It got so bad that on Saturday that she had a coughing fit and coughed so much she was sick and then was struggling to breathe. I called 111 who told us to go straight up to A&E to get her checked out. They confirmed that it was just viral and that her chest was clear and told us to keep up what we were doing and let nature take its course (much easier said than done when your little ones in pain). On the way home from A&E we bought a humidifier for her room as we had read that they were great for dry coughs and soothing little ones airways. This has helped so much and meant that she was able to have her afternoon nap for the first time in 4 days without coughing and waking herself up and for the past two nights she's managed to get a really good nights sleep. I'd really recommend getting one; I'd always been told to steam up a bathroom which is what we've always done but I didn't realise that sometimes warm air does more harm than good and it's recommended that you use something with cool water vapour instead which reduces swelling in the airways. Ours cost us £19.99 from Argos, we got this one.

Alongside Indie being poorly all week, I went to the doctors on Thursday after booking myself in for a blood test. Twelve weeks ago I was told I was Anaemic and prescribed Iron tablets but I'd still been feeling absolutely exhausted and totally lacking energy and knew something wasn't right. I'm usually very motivated and energetic and even though Indie wasn't well this week so I was a little more tired than usual, for the past few weeks I have been so tired that as soon as I wake up in the morning I feel faint and like I need to go and rest. I asked for a blood test but they told me that I would be having one in 6 weeks time and not to bother but I know my body so I was persistent and demanded a blood test to check my iron levels. Lo and behold, I was right and the next day the doctor rang to say that my iron levels were really low and that I needed to take Iron tablets. He was a bit surprised when I told him I was already on Iron tablets for Anaemia and said he would ring me back when he had looked over my notes (although I was a bit confused as to why he hadn't already looked at my notes before ringing me). Anyway he rang back a few minutes later to tell me that he had reviewed my notes and that he was sorry to inform me that I had been prescribed the wrong dosage of Iron tablets 12 weeks ago, and that instead of the 40mg I had been taking daily, I should have been taking 600mg! Huge difference! He was very apologetic although he wasn't the doctor that had made the mistake but I was just happy to finally have an answer to why I had been feeling so weak and faint. 

This week I've got the last few bits I wanted for baby boys first outfits and coming home outfit which I will share in an upcoming post when I have a little more time. I also picked up this nightshirt from F&F at Tesco in a larger size which I think will be perfect for after my c-section and when I am breastfeeding. 

Only 14 weeks to go!


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  1. Oh you poor thing. Hope the iron sorts you out lovely you need all the energy you can get #MaternityMondays