I thought I'd share a few of my favourite snaps from our Christmas Day. We had a lovely morning and it was such a delight to see the look on Indie's face when she saw all of her presents. We didn't wrap her Trampoline, Wooden Kitchen or Dolls House as they were a bit too big so when she walked in the room she was ecstatic to see them all. After she finished exploring those she turnt around and realised all of the wrapped presents under the tree and shouted 'presents'. I know she is still too young to understand exactly what is going on, but she was certainly excited by the concept of new toys and surprise presents to open and it was lovely to see.

We spent the morning opening presents and then some family visited to see Indie play with her toys whilst our Christmas Dinner was cooking away in the oven. It was a nice chilled day even though I managed to ruin dinner with the most disgusting gravy I'd ever tasted (too salty), something I'm usually brilliant at making! I'll blame baby brain for that one. Luckily enough I had made so many trimmings and extras that we still had plenty to eat. After dinner Indie was getting tired so she went down for a nap and ended up sleeping for 2 hours so hubby and I sat and relaxed on the sofa to watch Christmas tele. When Indie woke up we went to visit both of my brothers so Indie could see her nieces and nephews and then we came home to play with her toys again before bedtime. It was a really nice relaxing day filled with happiness and fun.

Chef Indie cooking away...

Silly dog...

And finally a totally serious family selfie (and yes, we did all have matching Penguin Christmas jumpers, Indie was too hot from playing to wear hers though)...

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas x

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  1. We have that Ikea kitchen , it's great isn't it! You all look like you had a lovely time :) x

    Abbie |