I'm now 28 weeks and according to the pregnancy apps I am now in my third and final trimester. It's crazy to think how quick this pregnancy is going. I did nothing but moan about nausea and tiredness in early pregnancy but since that settled I have thoroughly enjoyed this pregnancy so far (except all the worry surrounding the 20 week scan). I can feel I'm carrying more weight and get achey quite alot but it's nothing some pregnancy yoga stretches and rest can't  help with, and it's to be expected given the circumstances. I read today on one of the pregnancy apps that if baby was to be born this week then there would be a 95% survival rate which I think is just fascinating.

This week I'm happy to say that my heartburn has really settled down and I've been able to eat and drink as I like without overly suffering, bar the odd exception. A new symptom I've experienced this week are Braxton Hicks. It feels so odd to me because I never had this with my first pregnancy so it's something totally new. They've been pretty uncomfortable and I tend to notice they are worse in the evening but luckily this is the time I can lay down and relax so it's been ok. It's such a strange feeling and my bump goes rock solid.

I've got my 28 week midwife appointment on Thursday where I will be getting my bloods taken to check on my iron levels. She is also going to measure my bump to make sure everything is measuring good. Whilst looking back on my notes I've realised my due date by dates is actually 18th March, though it was changed to 28th March because of the measurements at my dating scan. It only just occurred to me that if they are wrong about my scan measurements that when I have my C-Section at 39 weeks (by measurements dates) I will actually be 40+3 (by my original period and cycle dates). It's something I'm going to mention to the midwife and ask her to get my consultant to check to see that they are happy to wait until 39 weeks for the section as it is a little more likely that I could go into labour before the scheduled section, given my original dates. At our private gender scan they told me I was measuring 10 days ahead through measurements so I am little more adamant that I need to get them to double check, though I'm hoping they're happy to keep it as is.

27 weeks and 3 days

I've started getting a few bits together for my hospital bag this week. I know it's quite early to do it but at least if anything happens where I need to have a hospital visit (or monitoring at hospital like I did with Indie at 35 weeks or so) then I'll at least have a few bits together. I've decided I'm going to take about 5 outfit changes for little one as it's likely I'll be in hospital for 24-48 hours at least and I remember that Indie often spit up a little on her clothes so I'm going to take a few extra bits just incase. I'll end with my bump photo for 28 weeks. 



  1. I found your blog through #MaternityMondays so don't know the whole back story of your pregnancy (I'll have a look through your old posts later) but it's great that you're feeling so well despite what sounds like quite a challenging pregnancy. I'm 31 weeks so a little way ahead of you. I know what you mean about the difference in dates, I'm the other way round though as my due date by the scan is 9 days earlier than what my midwife originally said (although that again differed from the due date the NHS website gave me!) so I'm worried they'll be pushing for induction if I go over. I think it's definitely worth mentioning, first time round my dates said 26th December and the scan said 22nd, she was born on 27th so my dates were closer in the end.

  2. Aww I've totally got bump envy. It's getting so close now! You've done well with the heartburn especially over Christmas:) thanks for linking up lovely xx