The past week has been pretty eventful. My midwife rang me on Tuesday to say she had 'lost my blood-work' and the only vial that actually made it to be checked had came back with abnormalities (most likely my iron levels again although I'm still waiting for my results). I was told I'd have to see a different midwife the next day to get new bloods taken so took the opportunity to ask for a full midwife appointment and get properly checked over, something my usual midwife doesn't really do. 

The new midwife checked my blood pressure, babies heartbeat and my Fundal Height measurement since I hadn't had it done since 28 weeks. My blood pressure was fine and babys heartbeat was lovely and strong but my Fundal Height measurement (which was very low and beneath the 5th percentile at my last appointment) had now rocketed off the charts. She said baby was in a good head down position and after measuring 4 times to be sure she said the smallest Fundal Height measurement she could get was 34cm which is way above average. I've now been sent to have a Glucose Tolerance Test at the hospital tomorrow to check for Gestational Diabetes. For some odd reason they haven't offered me a Growth Scan although it is usually done alongside the test for Gestational Diabetes when a Fundal Height measurement leaves the 'curves' by such an amount.

I've expressed my concern because it is usually standard procedure to have a growth scan if Fundal Height measurement changes so dramatically in such a short space of time. It specifically says on the Fundal Height chart page in my notes that if the measurements jump from one curve to another too rapidly then a growth scan will be arranged but my midwife has said that I will not get one due to recent cuts unless I am diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. This leaves me wondering how they would rule out issues with babies growth or excess waters if the Diabetes test does come back negative? I'm so frustrated that they are not taking this as seriously as it was made out by the midwife on the day that I was measured. She told me about all the different things that it could be (excess waters, big baby, Gestational Diabetes, fetal positioning etc) and I can't understand why they aren't checking with a scan if that is usually standard procedure. 

To cut a long story short I have booked in for a private Growth Scan at the same clinic where we found out baby's gender early. I don't think you can put a price on peace of mind so although it's a little costly, I think the reassurance it will give it priceless. The scan is booked for Saturday morning where we will have a full growth scan and be given an estimated fetal weight. They also create a report that will be sent to my midwife and consultant should there be any concerns which makes me feel totally at ease. On the upside, they also scan in 4D so if little man is feeling cooperative then we may get to see his face. I can't wait to see what he looks like at this stage in pregnancy.

I've spent a bit of time this week sorting out little mans nursery again. I love nothing more than to just potter around in there and move bits around so have just re-organised a few bits and started to double check and go over everything we have for him. We've also put new legs on our bed to raise it a little in preparation for my C-Section (it will just be a little more comfortable getting up and out of bed from this level, beforehand it was totally on the floor and really low down). I also really like the height that it brings the Co-Sleeper up too now.

This week will be a pretty busy week and I'm looking forward to having a lot to talk about in my next update. I've got my Glucose Tolerance Test tomorrow, Indie turns two years old on Thursday and we've got our 4D Growth Scan on Saturday so check back next week to hear about all of that.

I'll end with my 33 week bump photo...



  1. I think you def need to get a growth scan, as you said you get to see bubs again which is great. Hope all the results come back OK, won't be long now. You look fantastic by the way. #maternitymondays

  2. What a lovely bump! I hope you get the reassurance you need from the glucose tolerance test and the growth scan, and that you get to see little man's face! I love the pictures of you and Indie, absolutely gorgeous xx #MaternityMondays

  3. It's absolutely ridiculous about the cuts on growth scans isn't it! When I was pregnant with Lily I was offered one immediately when I got the OC but this time they didn't offer me one, even though I had OC and was measuring off the charts big! I only got one in the end by chance because the scanning lady had a cancellation and I just happened to be there at the time having bloods taken..and if I hadnt have had the scan they wouldnt have found my polyhydramnios. Sorry for the rant, it just makes me mad so I feel for you!

    Exciting about the private scan though. Seeing your baba in 4D is the best experience! Looking forward to hearing about it in next weeks update. x

    Abbie | www.lilymaeadventures.com

  4. aww that's awful they lost the paperwork. Hope Indie had a lovely birthday and that you're feeling netter this week. #MaternityMondays