This weekend we planned on making the most of the time we had together and planned to get out and about for some fresh air. As it happened, on Saturday the weather was horrendous and it rained non-stop. We managed to pop out in the car for a quick trip to Tesco to treat mini madam to some cookies and then visited my brother and his children for Indie to have a little play and run around before going home for Indie to have a late nap. We then had a lazy afternoon at home playing and being silly. Indie's favourite people (my dad and his partner) visited in the evening and she was in her element. Although we were a little gutted we didn't really get out to do much, we really enjoyed the quiet time at home.

After waking up this morning with pretty achey hips and back we decided to go for a walk in the hope that it would ease the pain. The weather was sunny and not raining but it was freezing cold so we all put our coats and wellies on and headed out to our favourite nearby National Trust house for a walk around the grounds, it's beautiful there. Unfortunately I think I'm starting to get mild SPD and so the walk only made things worse and by the end of the walk I was waddling to the car in agony. Pregnancy isn't for the weak! It was a beautiful morning though and Indie absolutely loved the amount of puddles that were there.

This afternoon we popped to my other brothers to drop off a birthday card for one of my nephews. We ended up staying for a roast and Indie loved playing with her nephews and got really tired out. We ended the evening at home with some cookies and milk and now Indie is fast asleep in bed. This weekend Hubby also took some lovely photos of Indie and I that I think turnt out great and I'm glad that we've got these memories to look back on.

What have you been up to this weekend?

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