Eeeeek! I am now officially considered term. I had a consultant appointment on Wednesday which was just about getting someone who knew a little more about my medical history and previous pregnancy to give a second opinion about size and gestation of baby. She was lovely and after looking through my notes and looking at all of the measurements taken including my Growth Scan she was adamant that I was further along than my due date suggests. She obviously can't change my C-Section date as that would be against hospital protocol but she did say to expect baby to arrive beforehand. All my stats were good and baby was moving loads so that's all good.

With all of the focus around babys weight and my measurements I'm almost certain that baby will come out small and prove us all wrong, my guess is 7lb 11oz. Either way I am feeling huge lately and can certainly tell that I'm in my last few weeks regardless. My stomach has started to get very tight and feels like it's stretched to it's limit. The photo below is at 36+2.

One things for certain this week is that baby has dropped. I woke up one morning and it was easier to sit up and I could breathe alot better than the night before. Once I compared a picture from the day before it was clear that baby had dropped. At my midwife appointment yesterday she said my Fundal Height measurement hadn't changed in the past 2 weeks which confirmed that he has dropped lower into my pelvis. 

It's just a waiting game now. We really are so excited and cannot wait to start our journey as a family of four. I'll end with a 37 week bump photo...

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