I feel like this update should be a short one as I did do his 7 month update a little late so not alot of things have changed, infact only one really.


I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Harry was yet to sleep through the night and he has made me well and truly eat those words. Two weeks ago we decided to see what he was like sleeping alone in our bedroom. We had his cot in our bedroom next to our bed as we felt it the best situation given how many times he woke throughout the night, but one night we fell asleep on the sofa with the monitor on and he didn't wake until early hours of the morning which was so much later than usual. The next day we decided we would sleep on the sofa to see how Harry slept without us in the bedroom, he slept through! 

We knew that we weren't disturbing him as often I would even wake before he did, and the room would be silent. I think the problem was that he would stir from his sleep and look up and realise we were there and get up to see us. The nights that we weren't there I think if he stirred he didn't have any distraction and so fell straight back to sleep. 

After a week of sleeping through the night in our bedroom alone (with us on the sofa) we decided to bite the bullet and move Harrys cot into his own bedroom, and we haven't looked back. I LOVE that he is now making use of his bedroom too, it's so sweet.

He now sleeps from 6pm - 7am and has done for almost 2 weeks now. Thank you so much Harry! Better late than never.

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