1 - I've got a sausage dog, three tortoises, three lizards, four tree frogs, six geckos and three snakes

2 - I don't always watch tv series' but when I do I watch a whole season in a night

3 - I am addicted to marmite & gherkins (not together). Aslong as I have them in my life then all is good in the world

4 - Indie's middle name is Leigh (Kieran's choice) and Harry's is John (Both our choice after my dad)

5 - We do not plan on having anymore babies now. There's talks of a vasectomy & I'm totally ok with that

6 - I absolutely love the colour mustard yellow. Especially for kids clothes and I don't see why it should be 'seasonal'

7 - One of my hobbys is growing different types of succulents from cuttings

8 - When tagging people on instagram for #widn or #onefromthecuttingroomfloor I always feel really guilty that I can't tag everyone

9 - I enjoy cleaning and feel so content when my house is tidy and in order

10 - I am obsessed with home decor but always find something more important to spend my money on

11 - I've never had a Costa and never been to Nando's, Wagamamas or most restaurants

12 - I live in the home I grew up in. I moved out when I was 6 with my mum after my parents divorced and moved back in at 17 to live here alone with Kieran. I absolutely love it here

13 - I'm a huge introvert but once I'm comfortable in a situation I'm the total opposite

14 - My name is Baccara (buh-car-ruh) but after years of people mispronouncing it I shortened it to Cara and now I wish I never did but it's kinda stuck

15 - I'm an optimist with Post-Natal Depression; you can probably tell how that's a bit of a contradictory struggle for me

16 - I love organisation and being organised. Household organisation, organising the kids wardrobes, sorting out our bills etc. I really enjoy it

17 - I hate change. I really do. It makes me feel sick to my stomach and it's something I'm really working on

18 - I am OBSESSED with grey. At one point we had 3 rooms in the house painted grey, grey decor, everything. I love it

19 - We knew Indies name before she was even conceived but if she was a boy she would probably have been called William John.

20 - Harry's name was our favourite out of a few that we liked and if he was a girl he would have been called Robyn.

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