Last weekend we popped to a garden centre that is a little while away by car to see the Christmassy bits. It always caters pretty well for adults and kids and we weren't dissappointed. Indie and Harry were a little infatuated with the moving and singing Santa Claus band.

We also popped to B&M to stock up on cupboard bits. Little man is so used to cuddles he kept his hands raised like a koala bear in his pram! So cute.

This weekend we decided to go for a nice little road trip out of town. The weather was awful and the traffic was worse, but both Indie and Harry fell asleep in the back so we kept driving. It was lovely to all just be together and for me and hubby to have some time with a little peace and quiet.

I have to admit I'm hating the rain lately but this colder weather is bringing me so much happiness. Look at this snuggly bear.

Our plans for this week mainly include soft play, and trying to get to a playground during a break in the weather.

What are your plans for this week?

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