I've been meaning to write an update on Harry for months, well actually seven and a half months to be exact. He's hit milestones so much quicker than we expected and I think even quicker than Indie did (and we thought she was quick).

He is currently just a week shy of turning eight months old and is growing unbelievably fast. He is wearing size 5+ nappies and is in 12-18 month clothing although he is totally in proportion and not too chunky.

He started to sit unaided at 18 weeks old (4 and a half months) and I think that was mainly because he was so nosey and wanted to see what was going on. He had his first haircut a day shy of twenty-one weeks old and has had two more since.

He learnt to crawl at six months old and hasn't stopped since. He loves nothing more than to keep up with his big sister (they chase each other all day long) and tries to play with all her toys.

He started pulling himself up on things at six months old (the week before he learnt to crawl) and whilst he gives me heart failure, he has yet to fall and hurt himself. He gets down so slowly and is so cautious it gives me a little more faith.

We are well into weaning with Harry and started a little early on advice of our doctor as he was drinking bottle upon bottle given the chance. We started with a mixture of puree and BLW and now will eat a variety of our meals sans salt and sugar on a daily basis. If we're out and about he'll have a big jar or pouch for convenience. As we only feed him jars/pouches on the odd occasion I tend to only buy the ones he seemed to prefer; Heinz Pork & Apple Casserole and Heinz Broccoli & Cauliflower. 

He tends to favour cheesy flavoured things, loves rice and is partial to the odd biscuit when his Grandad visits.

He is a really smiley baby but don't let that fool you. He is still an absolute monkey and wakes 2-3 times a night. We have yet to use the 'I Slept Through' milestone card, good job he's cute.

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