Something I've been asked quite alot lately is how/why Indie sleeps so much during the day so I thought I would share our routine with you.

Indie's day starts at 6.45am when she wakes up. She gets up and we play until about 7am when she has her breakfast (Porridge or Weetabix are her favourite).

After she has her breakfast she has a nappy change and I get her dressed for the day. We have a little play then at around 8am I put her in her cot and she has a 7oz bottle of milk. Most of the time she falls back to sleep straight after her bottle (for an hour or two) and I use this time to eat my breakfast and have a shower. If for any reason she doesn't fall back to sleep she lays in her cot content and babbles to herself for about half an hour so I take the monitor into the shower with me and get ready as I would if she was asleep.

 When she wakes up we usually read some books and play, or if the weather is good we walk the dog. We tend to fill up our mornings with any errands we have to run so we have the afternoon to spend some quality time together. She loves to try and help with housework so I manage to get quite alot done after naptime. I like to play quite alot of 'run around/chasing' games with her to let her burn energy off. At sometime during the morning I give Indie her toothbrush and she tries to clean her teeth (we do it properly ourselves later on).

At about 11.30am I get our lunch ready for us to eat at midday. Once she's finished I clean her off (and change her out of her Lasagna filled clothes) and then we play again for about an hour.

Between 1-2pm she starts to rub her eyes and I can see her getting sleepy so I lay her down in her cot for her afternoon nap (with a dummy, no bottle). She will sleep from anything between 1 or 2 hours, though lately she's been sleeping for 2-3!

When she wakes up we do the laundry (she pulls it across the floor) and I continuously fold and put it away and then we play until I start tea at 4. We usually all have tea together at 5 when hubby gets home from work and they play together whilst I clean up the kitchen and get Indie's pyjamas ready.

Indie has a bath every other evening (we used to bath her daily but we found her skin dried out a little, and have found that every other day works for her). This is usually straight after tea and this is when we clean her teeth properly and then she helps afterwards.

At 6-6.30pm hubby gives Indie her bottle in her cot, then once she has finished he swaps her bottle for a dummy and she goes to sleep for the night. Sometimes it takes her up to an hour to go sleep, but she happily babbles away to herself and puts herself to sleep. Sometimes she will have a little moan but thats usually when she is overtired and falls asleep within a few minutes.

If you have any questions then I'd be happy to answer them, just leave them in the comments.

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