If you know me you know I love tea, like, really love tea. I drink it everyday. I'll have it in the morning, I'll have it before bed, I'll have a cream tea when I'm out and I'll have another when I get home. You get the message, I like tea.

I've recently been contacted by a family run company called The Kettle Shed, and I really like their ethos and more importantly, their tea.

I tried out their 'Bang On Breakfast' tea because it seemed the most similar to what I usually go for (proper english everyday brew!). This tea comes in Fuso bags which are fully biodegradable (saving the planet one cup of tea at a time). 

The actual ingredients of this tea are Assam Black Tea, Sri Lankan Black Tea and Chinese Keemun Tea; now I'm no expert and don't pretend to be, so all I can say about this tea is that it is good. It's really rich, tasty and strong and most importantly for me, it's not bitter. There is something quite luxury about the bags themselves, they have a sheen and are not the standard run of the mill paper looking bag. The tea inside the bags are large loose tea leaves that expand to fill the bag whilst brewing. When having family around it's been a bit of a conversation starter; they keep asking if they can have a cup of my 'fancy tea'.

Something that drew me to this brand other than the fact that it's family run is their ethos. Every time you buy a box of tea from The Kettle Shed they donate directly to homeless shelters across the UK. I think this is a really nice thing for a company to do.

The particular box I have contains 15 Fuso bags and costs £3.99 which is really good value for money in my eyes (same price at Tea Pigs tea). Whilst it is really smooth and I could easily drink it all day long, I think I would personally keep it for a bit of a treat, maybe as my relaxing cup once Indie has gone to bed (that's my favourite cup of the day).

The Kettle Shed sell a huge variety of Fuso bag and loose leaf teas in a multitude of flavours. Aswell as on their website you can also find The Kettle Shed on Twitter & Instagram.

* I was sent this tea for review purposes. All opinions are my own and I was not paid to write this post..

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