This week we officially finished buying everything we need for baby boy! I'm one of those annoying types that likes to get everything planned and done in advance so I can sit down with peace of mind that everything is done, and more importantly not have anything to worry about getting last minute. I couldn't be one of those who leave it all until last minute, I mean, what if baby arrives early? It's just in my nature to get everything done early.

We've had a lot of expenses lately; with hubbys MOT, buying for baby and Christmas just around the corner (followed shortly after by Indie's 2nd birthday) so I wanted the baby bits all done and dusted, although I have also finished Christmas shopping and wrapped it all up too! I plan on having a lovely relaxing pregnancy and really enjoying the run up to Christmas and the countdown until babies arrival. I think it'll be nice to be able to take Indie to lots of Christmassy places and go out for lovely family days out knowing that we have nothing to buy and can treat ourselves if we wish.

The last thing we bought was little mans pram, which we love. We chose to get the older model Graco Evo in Slate Grey. Hubby fell in love with the colour, he's obsessed with grey, and I loved the feature where it can face both ways and found it had alot of great reviews. I love the fact that it lays flat for newborns and that it can also be sat upright for when they get older. I'm thinking of doing a little 'first impressions' type review post in next few weeks as I'm seriously impressed with the quality of this pram and how light it is.

I've been quite ill with the flu over the past week and have been constantly drinking honey and lemon and trying to steam it out of me (doctors orders). It's quite frustrating when pregnant and not being able to take anything to feel better but it did give me an excuse to slow down and have a few days relaxing at home with little bear. 

Bump is still growing away nicely, I haven't jumped on the scales yet but last time I checked I was gaining the correct amount for the stage in pregnancy I was at. My leggings seem to be growing with me but I think my size 10 maternity jeans need to be retired and I need to invest in a pair of size 12's for comfort.

And finally, the bump...

I've got my consultant appointment this week so should have a bit of an update next week with regards to what is going on placenta wise, and birthing options. 


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  1. oooooo I love the pram. I actually nearly bought that one too but was swayed by a sale at M&P. Great choice.
    At least you can sit back, relax and enjoy Christmas now eeeeekkk #MaternityMondays