I'm not really one to make New Years Resolutions as such, but I think with the New Year beginning it's hard not to sit and think about what you want to do differently during the upcoming year. For us, we've got a lot to look forward to this year with the arrival of our little boy in just 11 weeks time. 

I think the main things I'm trying to focus on this year are family time, appreciating the present, treating myself, and our health.

With the colder weather arriving we've found ourselves a little stuck for things to do whilst hubby is off work. We've filled our days with trips to the Aquarium and have started to go out for meals more often as a family, but this year we aim to explore more and have more 'family time'. Hubby works full time so we try to make the most of our evenings and weekends together but more recently we've been repeating the same things and whilst indoor crafts, painting, walking the dog and visiting family is nice, we want to get out more and visit new places (together and with family) and actually do more things that we haven't done before. We plan on walking through the woods more and squelching through the mud, going to the park on a whim in the evenings for a little play and we've even been looking into toddler gym classes because Indie is obsessed with climbing and jumping on her trampoline.

Another thing we're focused on is improving our health. We eat quite a varied diet in terms of ingredients but this year we aim to explore more recipes and meal options which will also help keep Indie more willing to try new things too. We're also trying to drink more water and go out for walks a little more often.

One of my favourite quick meals to have with brown rice and chicken
(cherry tomatoes, spinach, spring onions and garlic

Something I'm also really keen to change is my mindset. It's all too easy to focus on the future and 'where you want to be in life' and there's no harm in having drive and ambition, but lately I've realised that I was focusing on the future a little too much and missing things that were happening around me; little milestones and memories that were important to me. Ultimately if you ask me what my goal is in life, it's to raise happy, healthy children and so 'I'm there'. I'm doing what I've always wanted and this isn't a practise so I'm now making more of an effort to sit back and take in these days and really appreciate the present and exactly how good life is right now.

Finally, I've made a promise to treat myself. When I have spare money I tend to buy Indie a new toy, buy things for her bedroom or buy baby clothes for little one. It's only lately that I've really noticed that Indie has alot of toys and clothes and that baby Harry is set! I love buying things for my children but I also think it's important to treat yourself every now and again without feeling guilty for doing so. Hubby suggested I buy a new outfit every month for myself if I can't find anything else I want (I'm quite indecisive). That way even if there's nothing I want to buy myself I'm getting something new that won't be a waste of money.

What are your plans and goals for 2016?

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