Last night marked a totally bitter-sweet moment, we said goodbye to Indie's bottles for good. She has been sipping her water from a proper cup or a cup with a straw for a while now and uses a sports type bottle whilst we're out and about, but at bedtime Indie usually has a full bottle of warm milk to settle her down. Until recently it has been a huge part of her night-time routine and gave her some time to wind down before bedtime but more recently she's been getting up after her milk and still been totally alert so we thought it was time. I'm aware some people wean their children off bottles alot earlier than this age but I also know alot of toddlers who still have a bottle and I think thats totally fine either way. Every child is different and I do think that it is a comfort that doesn't do any harm whilst they are little.

Last night we decided to try her evening milk warmed in a cup instead of a bottle with an aim of weaning her off her bedtime bottle in time for baby number two arriving. I thought it would be alot easier not to have two different sets of bottles to wash and clean so I was thrilled when she finished off her cup of warm milk without fuss and went to sleep pretty quickly.

I'm so, so proud of her! I've been speaking to loads of mums on Instagram who's toddlers still have a few bottles a day and I think that's totally fine, it really is personal preference and I can honestly say that if last night had gone pear shaped I'd probably have just given her her bottle back for a few more months. Goodbye bottles!

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