I was recently sent this beautiful book to review; Creaturepedia by Adrienne Barman. The two hundred and sixteen page hardback is an educational illustrative encyclopedia showcasing all manner of creatures of the world.

The creatures are cleverly arranged into groups based on their distinctive characteristics. The eclectic colour schemes and caricature style illustrations are beautiful and really catch the eye. Every page is packed with beautiful drawings and fun facts. It is both enjoyable and educational, a perfect balance between the two.

It is a book that can be enjoyed by all ages, big and little hands alike. My daughter has loved flicking through the pages with us and pointing out animals she recognises, and my husband and I have been enjoying learning new facts about animals we thought we already knew alot about.

Each page feels like a little piece of art. We are really tempted to get some of the pages framed and displayed in Indie's bedroom.

Me and my husband both have a keen interest in animals. We have twenty four pets in total including tortoises, lizards, geckos and dogs and we were pleasantly surprised to find every single species we own in this book. 

I really cannot stress enough how much I love this book. From the intricate illustrations to the clever classifications it makes learning fun and imaginations run wild.

What books do you like to read with your little ones?

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