I didn't realise until we found out that we were expecting a boy that I was quite fussy with baby boys clothes. I really don't like baby blue, nor do I like bold prints, patterns or colours. I think it'll look lovely for when they get a little older but whilst they are a baby I like to see them in plain/neutral clothes. We've got all the babygrows and vests we need in each size already but I decided to spend some of my Christmas money on getting a few outfits for baby boy in first size and 0-3. I found it really hard to find shops that catered for my tastes but was quite happy to find a few bits in Next, H&M and Sainsburys that I really liked.

I mainly chose neutral colours that I could mix and match and went for soft materials and comfy bottoms with loose waistbands. I got a few bits in different sizes, some in First Size/Newborn and other bits in 0-3 months, I even got some bits in both sizes because I liked them so much.

Woodland Print Grey & Beige Joggers | Sainsburys |

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